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Why Choose Medvic?


At Medvic, we always put our Doctors first. You are more than just a client, you become part of the Medvic family. We build inter-personal relationships with all our Doctors and go over and beyond so that you can concentrate on what matters, your patients.


At Medvic, our specialised team aim to process at least 600 claims a day with a timely turnover of work submitted. We take care to ensure that all claims are processed accurately and quickly. We will also call the medical aid to enquire about unpaid claims and try our best to try and get each and every claim paid.


Medvic has a branch for debt collecting called Medcollect. Medcollect promises to increase your cash flow each month. Our professional team identify patients with outstanding accounts and will send SMS's and statements to ensure that the patient is notified about their outstanding account. When no response or payment is received, our team politely contacts the patient, ensuring that the patient/doctor relationship is not harmed. We also aim to end all our calls with a promised payment date.